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Rototo Double Face Socks

Rototo Double Face Socks

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 Our best seller! Brand New Rototo socks. Made in Japan.

Designed with an inspiration from mountaineering socks, the item features merino wool on the surface and undyed low-count organic cotton fabric as the lining to create a soft and thick feel like a sweatshirt. The liner material feels fluffy and comfortable with a napped surface.

Material : 80% cotton , 15% wool 4% poly super soft and cozy

Colors Available: Oatmeal , Light gray, Mustard, Navy, Brown gray, Charcoal

Sizes Available :

M and L size chart :

M (25-27 cm) 5-8.5 US Men, 6.5-10 US Women

L (27-29 cm) 9-12 US Men, 10.5 + US Women

* Avoid tumble drying, as it may cause shrinkage.

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