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Rototo Old School Crew Socks

Rototo Old School Crew Socks

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Designed based on tube socks made in the late 1970s, these ribbed socks are knitted with a special knitting machine that is hard to find today, using low-count supple cotton yarn. The liner of the sole is brushed for a unique bouncy feel that only ROTOTO can create. The simple design fits any types of outfits from skater-like sporty styles to traditional ones.

* The surface of the sock is quite sensitive to abrasion and can be worn out easily if you wear it with leather shoes. 

* Avoid tumble drying, as it may cause shrinkage.

Available in 4 colors

Size M (25-27 cm) (7-9 US) and L (27-29 cm) (9-11/12 US)

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